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How To Choose The Proper Epoxy Coating for Your Garage and Basement Floors

Take Pride in Your Garage and be Proud of Your Floors.

Having the most beautiful car in the world may lose its reputation if it’s parked on cracked, stained, or dirty concrete surfaces. If you can take major pride in your vehicles why not extend that same type of pride and apply it to what’s their version of “home”. By improving your outlook on garage floors and taking into consideration that those untreated concrete garage surfaces could actually be a fresh, new base offering you a variety of garage floor coating finishes, instead of simply seeing them as dull and finished surfaces. Utilize the benefits of having garage floors by installing (or having a professional) install a protective garage epoxy coating.

Untreated concrete floors aren’t impenetrable to contaminants like motor oil and other harsh liquids because concrete is porous, so it acts like a sponge when exposed to moisture and outgassing. Without the proper garage epoxy coating system applied to your surfaces, you will continue to track dirt and harmful fluids into the house, constantly damaging your interior floors and carpets and creating a very dangerous living environment. Now it’s time to consider the multitude of aesthetic garage epoxy finishes guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s desired taste!

Choosing the Proper Garage Floor Coating System

Whether you’re seeking to match your floor's aesthetic appearance to your car or just interested in changing the surface decor of your garage, the colorful assortment of garage floor epoxy pigments, flakes, chip options can transform any concrete surface. It’s important to remember that garages are usually exposed to the sun so it is ideal to choose a with vinyl flakes/ chips broadcasted in it for the utmost protection and durability. Allow your garage floors to be the inspiration for others!

Give Your Basement A Makeover

When renovating your basement floors the circumstances at hand are different than the ones you face with your garage floors. Basement floors are sublevels so they’re usually prone to moisture exposure. Epoxy coatings would be the proper material to withstand this whereas flooring options such as wood and carpet are automatically deemed not feasible due to these types of damaging conditions. A high-performance epoxy moisture vapor barrier product should be used to resolve this type of moisture exposure. Basement floors are typically not exposed to sunlight so decorative finishes like a metallic, solid color, and glitter coating can also be used without the worries of the coating yellowing overtime.

Finding The Proper Basement Floor Coating System

Transforming your basement floors can be achieved for numerous purposes including a child’s play area, living area, entertainment room, or spare room. Utilize this space instead of abandoning and letting it turn into a cold, dark dungeon for storage purposes only. Color plays a major role in discovering the art of transforming spaces like a basement. By installing epoxy coatings to your basement surfaces you’re adding visual interest, character, warmth, and depth to your surrounding environment.

Please remember when exploring the different color variations of epoxy coatings your color choice (or choices) will vary based on the lighting conditions in your basement, so always consider the atmosphere you desire to have in your new living basement space. Use cool colors like blues and greens for calming vibes or warmer colors such as red and orange to attract more vibrant energy. For the most unique epoxy floor finish it’s best to select or powder epoxy pigments for a truly mesmerizing and one of a kind application that will literally WOW everyone, while also delivering a lasting and durable floor surface!

Resources, Guidance, and Support

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